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Alessandro Cagno

Alessandro Cagno

Born to family of modest condition, at the age of 13 years was hired as an apprentice nell'officina "Storer", a factory in Turin that build coaches omnibus and bicyclo, at the end of the century, began to produce motorized tricycles under license from the German Daimler company, called " Phoenix . "

He soon showed skill and passion for mechanics and was chosen by Luigi Storer as a mechanic in his first few competitions for motor vehicles. In those days, the mechanic followed the race on board in the car as the second pilot.

Among the clients the workshop there were Giovanni Agnelli which, to the young "Sandrin," always showed special consideration, first recommendation as an apprentice at Storer and then recruiting for its new company; Cagno is the 3rd worker employed by FIAT.

When the time came to create the division races in 1901, Agnelli entrusted it to Luigi Storer management, alongside the now indispensable "Sandrin" and the rising star Vincenzo Lancia.

He was test driver for Fiat and staff driver of Senator Giovanni Agnelli, the first winner of the Targa Florio, the first to go with a truck from Turin in Moscow, the first to open a branch in Turin and Fiat sample of speedboat.